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News 9 Mar 2022

Donation to the VoorleesExpress

Reading and writing is essential in everyday life. That is why we at NLO support the mission of The Voorlees Express: Promote language development in children and reduce illiteracy. They do this by ensuring that children with a language delay receive extra attention work on language and (pre)reading.

In order to support them we donated more than 50 books. We wish the children that will receive them lots of reading fun!

Donation to the VoorleesExpress

About the VoorleesExpress

The VoorleesExpress ensures that children who have difficulty with language receive extra attention. Volunteers have twenty sessions with a family. Together with the parents they work on language and (pre)reading.

This year, they will reach 5350 families in 447 locations. 

More about the VoorleesExpress