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Friso Onderdelinden
News 12 Jan 2021

Friso Onderdelinden is new Head of IP Services

After 35 years of service, Erwin Ehrenburg will resign as partner in June 2021. His position as Head of IP Services has been taken over by Friso Onderdelinden.

For over three decades, Erwin has built a strong, personal network comprising hundreds of contacts. As it is impossible to contact everyone personally, Erwin would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the pleasant cooperation and the trust you have put in his team.

Friso Onderdelinden is an experienced European trademark and design attorney who has been with NLO for nearly 15 years. The last years he has focused on IP Services and has worked closely with Erwin. With Friso, the team will continue to improve its services and further develop and strengthen the relationship with you in the years to come.

Your NLO IP Services contacts
The NLO IP Services team handles a variety of services for the patent as well as the legal practice, including patent validations, patent annuities, translations, trademark renewals and recordals.
Please use our general e-mail address or contact one of the team members directly.