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News 10 Mar 2021

New episodes - IP Masterclass Podcast

Listen to the IP Masterclass podcast on Artificial Intelligence. A podcast about interesting IP related topics. Whether you are a IP professional, an inventor or just dipping your toe in the world of IP, this is the podcast for you! 

Part 1

In episode 2 (part 1) Nadja Freeman and Harm van der Heijden explore the bigger issues of Intellectual Property in what is the fascinating and rapidly involving field of Artificial Intelligence. What is the role of patents in shaping the future of A.I.? How should we tackle A.I. innovations from a patenting perspective?

Listen here

Part 2

In episode 3 (part 2) Nadja Freeman and Harm van der Heijden dive deeper in some of the more practical considerations of patenting AI for companies and innovators. They also discuss some of the latest and upcoming developments in this area.

Listen here
IP Masterclass podcast