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CSR beach cleanup
News 5 Nov 2020

NLO announces partnership with NLCares

We are happy to announce our partnership with NLCares. With NLCares we have found a partner who gives our employees the opportunity to engage in volunteer work in local communities. This partnership ties in well with the ambition of our CSR platform ‘NLO Acts’ to become more socially involved.

About NLCares

NLCares focuses on offering volunteer opportunities for individuals and businesses through an online volunteer agenda in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. NLCares believes in a society in which we have more time and attention for each other and to connect people from various backgrounds through flexible volunteer work. The encounters that take place ensure for understanding and unity in our society.

NLCares’ goal to motivate as many people as possible to engage in volunteer work is in line with our ambition to become more socially involved. We are therefore proud to support NLCares and look forward to a great collaboration.