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News 30 Aug 2022

Phantom or fake invoices

If you’ve recently received a letter asking you to renew your trademark registration or patent and it didn’t come from NLO or NLO Shieldmark, beware! It could be from a malicious sender.

Criminals have long been aware that the administration of patents and trademarks presents opportunities for fraud. After all, the IP registers are open to public scrutiny. So anyone can see which trademarks or patents you own and when they’re due for renewal.

Fake invoices

Unfortunately, there have been countless examples of phantom or fake invoices down the years. The scammer may offer to extend the validity of your IP right in a non-existent register or try to get you to make over money or divulge information.

What you can do

Always manage your IP rights with care. If you receive a letter, check the sender’s details meticulously. As a client of NLO and/or NLO Shieldmark, you should only be receiving invoices or renewal reminders from us and not from anyone else. If you’re in any doubt, you can always forward the letter to us to have it verified. Simply contact your designated representative.