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News 8 Jun 2017

Seminar: brands and brand protection in online and offline environments

NLO Shieldmark invites you to the afternoon seminar on Thursday 22 June. We welcome you from 1.30 pm till 5 pm with a summer drink on the terrace. You can register by sending an email to

Diverse programme

A popular part of our seminars involves discussing recent jurisprudence. Remarkable verdicts from 2016 and 2017 are most certainly included.

Equally relevant is the position of brands and its protection of online channels. Brands sometimes lead an entirely different life on social media. How do you deal with that as a trademark owner?

To conclude, a guest speaker; trademark- and marketing expert Erwin Wijman will delve into marketing technicalities concerning the naming process, focusing on the necessity of differentiating, and marketing power versus fashion trends and the possibly different trademark interests of Legal and Marketing departments.

In short

  • 13.30 hr         Welcome reception
  • 14.00 hr         Word of welcome
  • 14.10 hr         Recent jurisprudence 2016/2017
  • 14.55 hr         Break
  • 14.10 hr         Trademarks and protection online and on social media
  • 15.55 hr         Guest speaker Erwin Wijman
  • 16.40 hr         Closing
  • 17.00 hr         Summer drinks out on the terrace


New Babylon Meeting Center (in front of the NLO Shieldmark office)
Anna van Buerenplein 29, 2nd floor
2595 DA The Hague 

Signing up and bringing a plus one

You are more than welcome to bring a person with you to our event.
You can sign up until 15 June 2017 by sending an e-mail to