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NLO egg
Blog 27 Aug 2019

The story of the egg

Have you ever wondered why NLO has an egg in the logo? Here’s the EGGSplanation:

The big orange egg actually has two referrals. Firstly, it refers to Columbus’ egg, an expression to describe a difficult task with a brilliant solution. After discovering America in 1492 Christopher Columbus was dining with the Spanish nobility. One of them made the remark that it had not been at all difficult to have found the Indies, anyone could have done the same. Columbus then challenged the people present to make a naked egg stand on its tip. Everyone tried, but no one succeeded. When Columbus received the egg, he tapped it on the table and flattened its tip to make it stand. His point: after the deed is done, everybody knows how to do it.


Secondly, the shape of an egg is similar to a 3-dimensonal arch, one of the strongest architectural forms. The highest point of the arch is the strongest, like the top and bottom of an egg. Fun fact: a standing chicken egg can support over 40 kg, an ostrich egg even more than 200 kg.


If you take a closer look you will notice that there is a smaller white egg lying in the big one. Contrary to the top and the bottom, the sides of an egg are fragile, and the best place to crack an egg. The standing egg protects the inside so that it can nourish, strengthen and build up – This is what NLO stands for.


Without protection an invention can be fragile. Our main goal is to protect and strengthen our client’s ideas, designs and trademarks and to record them into strong patents and registrations. Looking for advice to protect your Columbus’ egg? Contact our advisors.