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NLO sunset
Blog 11 Oct 2018

#TBTNLO: NLO after WW2

After NLO's offices were bombed in April 1944, new office space was created at Groot Hertoginnelaan 145 in The Hague, from 15 May 1944.

The building used to be a shop with living quarters upstairs and was not particularly suited to be an office space. In addition, since all furniture was destroyed in the fire and nothing new was available during the war, the tables and chairs were borrowed from other firms. Terrace seats were still available and retrieved from Zeebad Company, since beaches were off-limits anyway and part of the German Atlantic Wall defense. Office space was very small and many employees had to share small rooms. Some employees were stationed at the patent office for many months, re-typing all the files that had been destroyed in the fire. It wasn't until February 1952, 8 years later, that NLO moved again, to Zwarteweg 5.