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Wannes Weymiens
News 2 Jan 2017

Wannes Weymiens becomes an Associate Partner

The partners of NLO, European patent and trademark attorneys, have appointed the Dutch and European patent attorney Wannes Weymiens as Associate Partner as of 1 January 2017.

Wannes’s areas of expertise are organic and organometallic chemistry, homogeneous catalysis and analytic chemistry, including various spectroscopic techniques. His activities generally centre on the biochemical and chemical, food technology and sustainable energy sectors.

 Weymiens: “My team has been representing the interests of a diverse group of clients – from SMEs to major multinationals – for quite a few years already. These clients all have roots in a different aspect of the broad chemical domain. Each time round, we greatly enjoy drawing up an optimal IP strategy that aligns with the client’s specific characteristics and wishes. This work touches on numerous aspects of IP, and specifically patents. As a result, I have been able to build up a broad foundation in the patents field – a base that I greatly look forward to deepening further as an NLO Associate Partner.”