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WCUP 2021
News 20 Sep 2021

World Cleanup Day 2021

On Saturday September 18 NLO joined the World Cleanup Day 2021. Colleagues cleaned up the beach, others the canals in the city and some rolled up their sleeves in their own neighborhood.

This year will be the second year NLO participates in the 'World Cleanup Day'. NLO motivates her employees to get socially involved. Many NLO'ers participated and helped to keep their neighbourhood or favorite park clean.

In the Netherlands, a record number of 41.342 officially registered participants, divided into 1.574 different actions, set out to clean up litter. 

In Belgium they joined the 'River Cleanup', that hosted more than 100 cleanup events along these 10 rivers. In total they had 12.962 helping hands and recovered more than 82.000 kg of waste!

NLO'ers during World Cleanup Day

About World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is a global clean-up campaign – together with more than 20 million people divided over 180 countries - to raise awareness of mismanaged waste and to collect as much litter as possible.


World Cleanup Day