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IP Services for patents

IP Services for patents

Validation services

Over the last decade we have continuously developed our EP validation service in which we can act as a gateway for all your validation work in Europe. After we receive your instruction we will validate your European patent in all the required designated countries. This can result in cost savings. After this we will set things in motion both through our in-house translation department and through our network of preferred European agents to work on the high quality translation of the validations. During this process you will be provided with all the information available about the status of your validations.

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Renewal services

In addition to our validation services we can also provide you with renewal services for your entire portfolio, based on the following values: Quality, Operational Excellence and Cost Control. We provide this service for a fixed fee per payment per year. This way you will have a highly predictable total fee structure, helping you to make a well informed decision whether to proceed with your patent matters before any investment is made.

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Whenever there is a change in ownership, address or name in your IP portfolio it may be necessary to make proper adjustments in the local registers of the IP Offices. It is recommendable to have a change of owner details of the patent recorded, because according to most laws, such a change can only have effect against third parties after it has been officially recorded. This is a complex and time consuming job which requires knowhow of the local rules and requirements. We can help you throughout the entire process to make sure you don’t risk loss of rights or ownership.

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On-site Certified Formalities Officers

Your company may or may not have its own IP department. Nevertheless you will regularly face staffing challenges due to maternity leave, resignation, prolonged sickness or simply occasional heavy workload.

NLO can offer you flexible staffing solutions for pre-determined or flexible periods. An initial period of on-site help is agreed upon in advance and may be easily extended if needed. Working with NLO also means working with high security and people accustomed to handle confidential and secret matters and who know their way through the IP jungle when it comes to formalities and important deadlines. 

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SQ List it!

SQ List it! is NLO’s solution for your sequence listing headaches. It is easy to use and allows you to generate complex listings safely for all your patent applications and patent filings.

Do you struggle to make the sequence listings for your patent applications? Haven’t you found a workflow since ST.26 came into effect, besides dragging everything into WIPO Sequence and doing a manual clean-up? Anxious to make mistakes? Collect the sequences in your application, put them in a simple template and share them securely. NLO generates the ST.26 compliant sequence listing for you. Patent attorney Dietmar Hertsen developed SQ List It! With a proven track record, he is happy to tell you all about using this tool for your sequences.

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