Physical and Electronical Engineering

The sector Physical and Electronical Engineering represents a wide range of technologies, from nano technology to optics and from energy to sensors. As such, the field naturally has a high number of innovations. It is very important for our advisors that they have a good understanding of the technical and legal principles in this wide ranging sector. Protecting your inventions and applications in the field of physics and electronics requires extensive experience and specialist knowledge.


Our specialist patent attorneys perfectly understand your invention and are able to optimally shape and profitably manage your Intellectual Property portfolio.

The clients supported by NLO vary in size and may operate in a wide range of sectors, as well as in research institutions like universities. The inventions have very diverse applications. For that reason, NLO’s physics and electronics team has a very varied team of attorneys. Our specialists are based in The Hague, Ede and Eindhoven. Their expertise spans medical technology, material studies, RF systems, energy technology and electronic equipment. For all specialisations and a complete overview of our patent attorneys, visit our Advisors web page.

"Patents are a good way of making all the time that you spend on developing knowledge and products worth something"

NLO supports clients in this sector by managing and implementing the process of patent applications, conducting opposition proceedings, strategic patent management, FTO analysis for the application of technology in the light of patents of third parties, licence contracts and taking legal action against patent violations. The motivated engineers at NETICS are good examples. With their GEOWALL ®, they compress excavated sludge into a water-resistant wall.


NETICS: the innovation engineers  

The technology is still new, the applications are numerous and the market more or less covers half the world: anywhere where people live near flowing water, dredged material can be used as a sustainable and cheaper alternative for building conventional civil engineering structures. And there is only one company in the world currently engaged in this work on a daily basis: NETICS from Alblasserdam in the Netherlands. Both founders face the issue of how to manage the company’s growth and how they can best profit from their unique know-how. Read the whole article here.

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