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Liselot Arkesteijn

Liselot Arkesteijn

Dutch patent attorney
I joined NLO as a trainee patent attorney in the mechanical engineering sector. My background is in applied mathematics and civil engineering, and over the coming years I will train to become a Dutch and European patent attorney.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics

During my time at university, I was never able to choose one topic that I liked best. There are so many different interesting fields in which scientific advances are being made and I did not want to miss out on anything. That is why the topics of my thesis projects varied widely, from a rather theoretical study on hydrological model complexity to numerical modelling of epithelial wound healing and to data assimilation of water head measurements for predicting the presence of holes in clay layers in the subsurface.

As a trainee patent attorney, I hope to see exciting inventions in many different fields every day.

Before joining NLO, I spent four years as a PhD student within the field of hydraulic engineering at Delft University of Technology. I focused on numerical modelling of large-scale and long-term morphodynamic evolution of lowland rivers, such as the river Rhine.


  • MSc in Applied Mathematics, Delft University of Technology (2012-2014)
  • BSc in Applied Mathematics, Delft University of Technology (2009-2012)
  • BSc in Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology (2008-2012)