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Merel Kamp

Merel Kamp

Benelux and European trademark and design attorney
I am your point of contact for all matters concerning the protection and enforcement of trademarks and product design. With my 20-year track record, I know how to quickly get to the heart of matters of Intellectual Property.


  • Copyright
  • Co-existence agreement
  • Contracts
  • Non disclosure agreement
  • Licence agreement
  • Trademark law
  • Design law
  • Recordals
  • Oppositions
  • Collaboration agreement

Having been an entrepreneur myself for many years, I know what drives entrepreneurs. With a proactive and hands-on approach, I derive great pleasure from advising all kinds of organisations, from promising start-ups to large, established international companies.

The great variety of operational aspects are what make my profession so very fascinating in my view. Law, commerce, but also finance and aspects relating to, for example, product development.

An especially popular choice among small and medium-sized enterprises and Netherlands- based international brands, Kamp is known for her strategic savvy and client-handling skills
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In addition to case-related work, I also use my professional drive in our professional association of Benelux trademark attorneys (BMM). I have served on the board and have chaired BMM’s Certification Committee.

Since 2019, I have been a member of the Board of the Professional training programme for Benelux Trademark and Design Attorneys (Beneluxstichting Beroepsopleiding Merken- en Modellengemachtigden BBMM). Furthermore, I work with colleagues from all over the world in the Publications Committee of the International Trademark Association-INTA, where I co-chair the Publication Partnerships Subcommittee. 

Education and training

  • Leiden Law School
  • Benelux Professional Training for Trademark and Design Attorneys
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