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Mikola Schlottke

Mikola Schlottke

Dutch patent attorney
I joined NLO in 2020, specialising in physics, telecommunications, electronics and software. I enjoy using my background in physics and mathematics to work out the full scope of technological innovations. My goal when working with clients is to fully understand their objectives and inventions in order to gain useful legal protection for their original ideas.


  • Computers/Software
  • Physics
  • Telecommunications

I studied physics in Potsdam (Germany) and Amsterdam, where I specialised in statistical physics, quantum physics and condensed matter theory. After graduating, I moved on to work as a PhD researcher in mathematics in Eindhoven and Delft.

My daily work as a mathematician involved bringing theory into contact with concrete applications in physics, biology and machine learning. This experience taught me how to extract ideas from technological inventions in order to broaden their scope for legal protection.


Chance favours the prepared mind
Louis Pasteur -

I like exploring developments in industry and understanding what’s on the horizon. That is why I joined the ‘math meets industry’ meetings, for example, where I improved latency prediction for on-chip communication in microchips. I also organised a workshop on quantum computing to get to the bottom of quantum supremacy.



  • BSc in Physics (Potsdam, Germany)
  • MSc in Theoretical Physics (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • PhD in Mathematics (Eindhoven and Delft, The Netherlands)

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