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Patenting your medical technology or healthcare innovation
Medical technology is presently a main area of innovation and global attention. Innovation in the area of medical technology and healthcare covers in general a broad array of technologies, and is often related to multi-disciplinary and complex subject matter.

Healthcare focus group

For patent classifications (IPC, CPC), a general main class exists covering the related technical areas: 

  • A61 Human Necessities
  • Medical or veterinary science
  • Hygiene

Many NLO patent attorneys have the relevant technological background(s) and broad experience in relation to this IPC/CPC class patent applications, and also in relation to utility patent or design right possibilities, especially when teaming up with members of the NLO legal teams.

Moreover, in the past years Medical Technology clients are served by NLO in virtually all sectors and teams, with many clients being serviced from two (or even three) teams, with one primary NLO contact, of course. 

The NLO attorneys working for these clients are experienced in IP matters in general, but also specific healthcare or medical devices related aspects, such as regulatory issues: CE marking, clinical trials, etc.

The best advice from interdisciplinary teams

The increasing importance of healthcare innovation

Our experts have advised on IP matters in various technology areas:

  • instruments
  • imaging applications
  • implants
  • diagnostics
  • supplies such as syringes
  • ostomy related products
  • catheters
  • and not to forget medicines (BioTech and Pharma teams).  

We advise on IP matters from early stage innovation, even before start-up phase, up to full production, to IPO or merger/acquisition.

Do you have any questions about your healthcare innovation? Please contact one of our experts here below, they will be happy to help you further.

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