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client survey
News 13 Feb 2024

Clients rate NLO with a high NPS Score

We are very proud to announce that our clients have rated our administrative and advisory services with a high NPS score (50+). We highly value our clients opinions. In 2023, NLO sent out surveys to measure the client satisfaction, in order to improve our service. The experiences of our clients certainly help us in this regard. These surveys showed that our clients highly value expertise of NLO patent and trademark attorneys and the cooperation with the relevant NLO team.
client satisfaction
Client Satisfaction Score

Net Promoter Score

NLO surveys are based on measuring the so-called Net Promotor Score (NPS, see link for an explanation). The average NPS in B2B in the Netherlands is +15. The market in which NLO operates is a niche one of top performers who distinguish themselves in client communication, complaint handling, account management and are more proactive. The magic milestone for top performers is a score of +50. 

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