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Article 11 Nov 2021

European design protection – worth your money?

Every company that spends money and resources on research, development and marketing for its products needs assurance that competitors (or other third parties) cannot take advantage of its innovation. Profiting from innovation requires a good business model and an IP strategy is an important part of that business model.
Mere ideas and concepts do not qualify as intellectual property; instead, intellectual property defines and protects human innovations and creations. A design protects the appearance of a product and is intrinsically linked to that product.

Unlike trademarks, patents and copyright – which are well known and commonly used – design protection is sometimes forgotten or underestimated. However, the design of products, packaging, logos, drawings and artwork plays a key role in distinguishing new products from those of competitors.

This chapter outlines the benefits of Community design protection valid in EU member states, including its historical background, legal conditions and scope.

IAM Yearbook 2022

NLO Shieldmark's Benelux and European trademark and design attorney Florence Tordoir wrote this article for the 2022 edition of 'IAM Innovation & Invention Yearbook 2022' To read the full article, click on the link below.