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tulips NLO
Blog 4 Apr 2019

"How do I apply for a patent in the Netherlands?"

In this rubric, the basics regarding Intellectual Property will be explained. #YouAskWeAnswer.

A Dutch patent application is filed at the NL Patent Office, part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in The Hague. The government imposes stringent demands on the contents of applications. Patent applications must clearly explain to the reader of the patent how the invention can be used. The text used may not be vague or unclear. NLO’s patent attorneys will help you prepare the patent application.

Involvement of the government

After submitting the patent application, the government will initiate a novelty investigation. Your invention will be compared to similar inventions described in older patents and professional literature. The results will be collected in the monitoring report. You will be sent this report, including an initial opinion on the patentability of the invention, approximately nine months after submitting the application. The patent attorney will analyse this report for you.


The patent application may be amended after receipt of the monitoring report. The text may be changed, but no new information may be added. The Dutch government will not interfere with the contents of the patent text. Together with your patent attorney, it is your responsibility to formulate the application appropriately. The Dutch procedure will end – providing that all requirements have been met – after the patent has been granted. Patents are usually granted eighteen months a{er the filing date. A normal Dutch application procedure will grant you a patent that will remain valid for a maximum of twenty years.