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Article 9 Jan 2017

IP strategy for oligonucleotides

Oligonucleotides have been gaining traction in the world of molecular biology. Their huge potential in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications has made them a popular research subject. However, protecting oligo-based applications can be complex and a careful IP strategy is needed when dealing with oligos. Fortunately, we have an expert partner in NLO to guide us through this fascinating field!

To optimize your scope of protection, it is key to know the prior art—the publicly available information on the subject of your patent—before deciding to file a patent application. The prior art will aid you in defining your invention in the most “unified” way possible. It may also influence the type of experimental data needed, such as comparative data with similar oligos already known in the field. Having generated and incorporated the right experimental data will strengthen the patentability of the oligo’s application because some countries do not even consider post data. Keep in mind that knowing the prior art upfront may also provide more insights as to your competitors’ (IP) activities!

Download the article below. This article was first published in BioVox Newsletter January 2017.

Article: IP strategy for oligonucleotides
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