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AI across continents
News 17 Oct 2023

Masterclass: "Across Continents: Exploring Common Ground and Contrasts in Patenting Software Inventions in the US, UK and Europe"

Software patent applications have become increasingly desirable. However, patent jurisdictions treat software patent applications differently, with such applications being easier to obtain in certain jurisdictions over other jurisdictions. Thus, what are the requirements and best practices for different jurisdictions that provide the best chance of getting a granted application?

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This webinar discusses some of these requirements and best practices for the different jurisdictions through providing an overview of the current landscape for software patents in Europe, the UK and  the US, with a focused discussion regarding artificial intelligence and machine-learning patents and the viability of such patents in the respective jurisdictions. On behalf of NLO, European Patent attorneys Harm van der Heijden and Marta Alvarez Guede discuss the European approach. 

Download the summary 'Patenting software and AI: The EPO Approach'
pdf - 561.44 KB

The panelists also provide some insight into the direction that it appears each jurisdiction is moving with respect to the software patents. The panelists participate in a round-table highlighting similarities and differences between the three jurisdictions regarding software patents. Skip through the chapter to go to the part you are interested in.

This webinar was recorded 12 October 2023 as a part of the Lexology Masterclass series. NLO participated in collaboration with HGF and Ference IP Law.