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Capsules cure drug cancer
Article 17 Nov 2016

Second and third lives for known cancer drugs

Partner and patent attorney Caroline Pallard wrote an article on Second and third lives for known cancer drugs, for BioVox, a specialized life sciences news and communication platform keeping you up to date on the rapidly evolving life sciences sector in Belgium.

While development of new cancer treatments is ongoing, innovators are also trying to further optimize the use of known cancer drugs. For instance, treating a sub-population of patients with a known drug, even as a third line of treatment, could provide a new and inventive use of a drug. An important aspect to consider is if such uses of known anti-cancer medicines could be protected by a European patent and, if so, how that would be accomplished.

Source: BioVox Life Sciences News: recycling cancer drugs, investing in biotech stocks and more

Second and third lives for known cancer drugs
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