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News 1 Sep 2023

Ten-day grace period end from the 1st of November 2023

EPO will end the ten-day grace period from the 1st of November 2023. For communications issued before 1 November 2023, the ten-day rule is still applicable. Communications issued on or after 1 November 2023, these will be deemed notified on the day on which they are issued.

This means that for any deadlines set by communications issued on or after 1 November 2023 applicants and their representatives will not be able to make use of the 10-day rule for filing responses beyond the nominal deadline. Safeguards will be available in cases where a document is not received or received exceptionally late (more than 7 days after the date). In the event of a dispute concerning the delivery of a document, EPO will retain the obligation to prove that the document was delivered and the date of its delivery. EPO adopts these legal changes in support of digital transformation.

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