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Advice on registering trademarks in the US
Article 4 Oct 2022

Tips for registering trademarks in the U.S. | Webinar

Are you considering registering your trademark in the U.S.? Our experts give you tips and tricks for the best approach.

Webinar | trademarks registration in the U.S.

How do you best approach registering a trademark in the U.S.? What can you take into account and how can you maintain a trademark registration in the U.S.?

Our attorneys Barbara Braat and Catherine Shultz provide you useful tips in this webinar below, about trademark protection in the U.S.. They explain the basics about trademark registration in the U.S., such as 'used based rights'. Also the differences between rights and registration in the U.S. and Europe are covered. 

NLO Experts

Any questions? Feel free to contact us, about trademark registration in the U.S.