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News 1 Mar 2023

UPC Sunrise Period has begun

Today, 1 March 2023, the UPC Sunrise Period has officially begun.

The long-awaited European patent with unitary effect (commonly known as the Unitary Patent) and the Unified Patent Court (UPC), being a court common to EU member states participating in the new patent system reform, will become reality in exactly 3 months from today.

As of today, the production environment of the UPC Case Management system is officially available and it is already possible to file Applications to opt out European patents and to register as a representative before the Unified Patent Court. Our representatives within NLO have already started.

NLO wishes everybody a radiant and smooth Sunrise period, undarkened by gloomy shadows of strong authentication schemes which are hopefully behind us. Enjoy the Sun. 

NLO Experts on Unitary Patent

Contact our experts
Our colleagues Paul Clarkson, Rolf Suurmond, Aleksandra Zwolinska, Marta Alvarez Guede and Stijn van Dongen, follow the recent developments on the Unitary Patent closely. Please contact them for any specific questions on the current status.