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nlo trademark infringement
Blog 24 May 2019

"What do I do if others infringe my trademark right?"

In this rubric, the basics regarding Intellectual Property will be explained. #YouAskWeAnswer. We have shifted our focus from patents to trademarks.

If anyone infringes your trademark right, our advisors will help to will find a solution with you. First, we will send the infringer a notice seeking to negotiate. If these efforts do not pay off, legal proceedings can be instigated. In order to proceed on time, we advise you to:

  • Keep a close eye on the market and engage us at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Take out our monitoring subscription, which means we will contact you the moment similar trademarks are submitted for registration for the same type of goods and/or services.

Opposition proceeding

In many countries you may already object during the trademark registration procedure. This is the so-called opposition proceeding. Check our blog next week to read about opposition proceedings and how they can beneficial for you.