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trademark whats next
Blog 14 May 2019

"My trademark has been registered, what's next?"

In this rubric, the basics regarding Intellectual Property will be explained. #YouAskWeAnswer. We have shifted our focus from patents to trademarks.

The trademark is registered in your name. This does not mean that your trademark will be protected forever. As the trademark holder, it is your duty to use the trademark for the goods and/or services involved. If you fail to use the trademark for Mve consecutive years, you may no longer be entitled to it. Please contact our advisors in the following cases:

  • Your trademark has changed slightly.
  • The goods and/or services which you offer under your trademark
  • have been changed or expanded.
  • Your trade name or address has changed.
  • You wish to license your trademark to someone else.
  • You export products to countries other than those in which
  • your trademark is registered.

On request, our advisors will study your portfolio together with you to check that you are still appropriately protected.