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registration designs
Blog 18 Jun 2019

"What does the registration procedure involve?"

In this rubric, the basics regarding Intellectual Property will be explained. #YouAskWeAnswer. We have shifted our focus from trademarks to designs.

The application must be carefully prepared before being submitted. Applying for design registration is subject to the following requirements:

  • The name of the proprietor. The proprietor may be a natural person (e.g. the designer) or a company.
  • The street address of the proprietor.
  • One or more images of the design in the form of drawings or photos. It is very important that the features of the design are prominent in these images. In the event of a conflict, the design will be compared using these images.

Once the administrative and payment requirements have been met, the design will be registered. Usually, a design registration is valid for five years and may be extended four times by a period of five years. The maximum protection is thus 25 years. After registration, the design will be published in a publication of the official authority.

The proprietor will generally only be entitled to take measures against infringers after registration and publication.