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IP Services for designs

IP Services for designs


If your registration is not renewed on time, this could, in the worst case scenario, result in your design rights being forfeited. For this reason, you need to renew your registration be renewed on time. We can help by sending you a reminder when your renewal date approaches and taking care of the renewal procedure for you.

When do I renew my design?
A registered design lasts for five years but can be renewed for a total of up to 25 years in most countries. A registered design is valid for up to 25 years in the Benelux and the EU. Monitoring the renewal date is crucial.

Our renewal services
NLO Shieldmark has an extensive and state-of-the art database that carefully monitors renewal dates. If we assume responsibility for your design registration, the date of your design registration will automatically be recorded in our renewal database. This will ensure you are sent timely reminders that your renewal date is approaching.

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The registration of a design is always carried out in the name of a natural person or a legal entity. When this (legal) person changes their name, entity or address, this must be noted as a design mutation in the register for designs.

Notes in a designs register
The recordals of designs (when it comes to changes) in the register is necessary for being able to invoke your rights. After all, a third party must be able to see that you are indeed the rightful owner of the claimed design. The official organizations that administer the registers ask for fixed rates (fees) for registering design mutations.

There are different types of design recordals:
- Address change
- Transmission
- Name change

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