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IP services for trademarks

IP Services for trademarks


A trademark registration has a term of ten years. If a registration is not duly renewed, you may lose your rights in the worst-case scenario. That is why it is important that your trademark registration is renewed promptly. We will remind you of the renewal terms and take care of all the related activities for you.

When do I renew my trademark registration?
The renewal term of your trademark is very important. In most countries, trademark registrations are valid for ten years. A trademark registration can be renewed without limitation.

Our renewal services
NLO Shieldmark has an extensive and state-of-the-art database that helps us to monitor renewal terms. If you let us arrange your trademark registration for you, the registration will automatically be included in this renewals database. You will then be asked to renew your trademark registration as soon as it is up for renewal.

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Trademarks are registered under the name of a company or person. This register plays a crucial role in enforcing your trademark. That is why it is so important that the information about the owner in the trademark register be accurate. If a trademark has been sold or purchased or if a trademark owner's address has been changed, this should be recorded in the register. Equally important, if a pledge has been created for a registered trademark or if a license has been granted, this should also be recorded in the register. This can usually be achieved by lodging a request with the relevant trademark authority, although on some occasions, documents may need to be signed as well. NLO will gladly assist you in these clerical processes so that your registrations are up-to-date and accurate.

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