Monitoring and protection

Once a patent has been obtained and registered, it is very important to monitor and protect the use of that patent. NLO has all the necessary knowledge and expertise to take care of this for you. Our monitoring service will give you both protection and expert advice. It includes continuous monitoring of the registers, and ensures that you can take swift action to protect your rights as soon as somebody else makes an application to register a similar or identical patent, trademark, or design.


Search and Watch

In some cases it is important to keep abreast of third parties’ patent rights, and any alterations therein. The 'Search and Watch' department of NLO can be of assistance.

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Opposition to granted European patents

If a person believes a European patent has been granted improperly, he may initiate opposition proceedings at the EPO. NLO will be pleased to conduct opposition proceedings on your behalf or, in case of opposition to your patent, conduct a defence.

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Infringement advice

A patent is an exclusive right used to protect a new product, working method or new technology. Infringement will be the case the moment a third party, nevertheless, proceeds to market a protected product without permission, or applies certain technology or a working method again without permission.

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Nullity advice

If a granted patent appears to be a threat to your commercial activities, NLO can be of assistance by verifying whether this patent may be (partially) invalid. If such is the case, the patent cannot be successfully invoked against you. In addition, it will be possible to request (partial) nullity of the patent at the national court or, when appropriate, the patent granting authority.

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Working at NLO

On a regular basis we are looking for people to join our company. Are you interested in a career at NLO? Please visit our special working at NLO website.

Intellectual Property: Cases

Intellectual Property is a valuable asset. From start-up to market leader, applying a smart strategy for patents, trademarks and/or designs adds value to every company. Examples of such successful IP strategies can be found at our page ‘Cases’. Read more