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trademark registration nlo
Blog 7 May 2019

"What does the registration procedure involve?"

In this rubric, the basics regarding Intellectual Property will be explained. #YouAskWeAnswer. We have shifted our focus from patents to trademarks.

The procedure starts by filing an application for trademark registration with the selected official authority. To this end, NLO Shieldmark provides the following information on your behalf:

  • The name of the trademark owner: the trademark owner must be a natural or a legal person
  • The address of the trademark owner
  • If a logo is involved: an image, preferably in PDF format
  • A description of the goods and/or services for which the trademark owner wishes to use the trademark

The official authority will then assess the application. This will include verifying whether all the necessary details are included and whether the description and classification of the goods and services are acceptable. The official authority will subsequently decide whether the trademark qualifes for registration. The criteria set are different in every country but trademarks must generally:

  • Be distinctive
  • Not mislead the public
  • Not be contrary to public morality or public order.

Contact our trademark- and design attorneys if you want to learn more about the registration procedure or trademarks and designs in general.