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News 10 Jun 2024

WTR Global Leaders 2024

WTR Global Leaders named NLO Shieldmark’s Jeroen Cornelis and Milca Graver de Looper as Leaders in their field. WTR Global Leaders brings together the world’s foremost law firm and corporate experts in trademark practice, and allows the wider community to benefit from their insight, experience and perspectives.
wtr global leaders

WTR Global Leaders distinguishes between private practice and corporate practice. In the category ‘Private Practice, Benelux Agencies’, Jeroen and Milca have been named. We would like to thank our clients and other contacts for their positive feedback.

About the research for WTR Global Leaders

WTR Global Leaders draws on market-leading research projects for the WTR 1000 and WTR 300 and aims to identify the elite of the trademark world in a single publication. Those included merit special attention owing not only to their expertise and experience in relation to creating, protecting, managing and enforcing critical brand rights, but also to their ability to innovate, inspire and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients.  

WTR Global Leaders therefore aims to illuminate what makes these individuals the leading lights of the industry and provide their critical insights into the strategic management of trademarks and – crucially – how to carve out a leadership career path.

WTR about NLO
NLO stands at the forefront of IP protection in the Benelux and is a friendly face for a diverse clientele seeking to protect their interests. Having built up long-lasting relationships with examiners, the squad knows which road to take to secure IP rights seamlessly. Managing partner Jeroen Cornelis possesses refined prosecution abilities and manages the portfolios of many industry giants. Strategic mediator Marlous Stal-Hilders has the know-how and interpersonal skills to execute amicable outcomes successfully. Bringing over three decades of experience to the table, Milca Graver-de Looper is a sure-fire contact when it comes to trademark, copyright and domain name protection. Former Turnstone attorney Merel Kamp serves up cradle-to-grave trademark counsel; Florence Tordoir knows just how to tap into the minds of examiners; and Masja van der Galiën steps into the role of trusted adviser and goes the extra mile in opposition proceedings.

WTR Global Leaders 2024