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Protecting your intellectual property (IP) should generate profitable business. A good legal framework is therefore a must. NLO offers specialist legal services relating to contracts in support of technology and IP protection, development & exploitation.

Drafting and negotiating such agreements requires a legal specialist because there are:

  • Many different types of deals
  • Involving detailed and complex (legal) arrangements, often in an international context
  • Covering legal and business specific technical aspects, so one size doesn’t fit all

Our support

Deal structuring
In the earliest stages of any transaction, it is important to identify potential risks and opportunities that could affect your company’s commercial position or IP assets. If your transaction involves the development, exploitation or exchange of technology or IP, NLO can help you find the best possible deal, enabling you to make optimal use of opportunities whilst mitigating the risks.

Contract drafting
Our specialists enjoy writing, reviewing and negotiating contracts. Our aim is to produce clear contracts in plain language, which are legally sound but which also address all the commercial or technical aspects important for your company. We make contracts that work for your company.

Contract negotiations
A skillful negotiator with extensive experience in negotiating complex and high value IP and technology related contacts is vital in negotiations. Not only to steer you away from pitfalls but also to help you benefit from opportunities. Especially in negotiations with large corporations and multinationals, an NLO expert brings maturity and ‘balance’ to the negotiation table.

Types of clients and working methods

Contract and negotiations support is offered to any type of company. Where our legal support is required on a regular basis, NLO can also offer ongoing legal support arrangements for a fixed number of hours every month, at economically attractive rates

Start-ups and smaller companies:

  • Support is provided if you do not have the service of an in-house legal specialist.
  • NLO provides the required support on an as needed basis, as though you had your own in-house legal counsel.

Large cooperations:

  • Support is provided on an as needed basis.
  • NLO aims to complement the knowledge and work of your in-house lawyer with our specialist knowhow, experience and skills, efficiently and cost effectively.

We offer the following different types of contracting:

  • Collaboration agreements
  • Confidentially agreements
  • Licence agreements
  • Transfer agreements
  • (out of court) Settlement agreements
  • Joint venture agreements