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Alternative IP rights

Alternative IP rights

Are you interested in acquiring additional forms of protection for your product that has already achieved registered design status? If so, you might want to register a trade mark to protect the name of your product or service or file a patent application to protect the technical innovation of your product or service.

Alternative ways to protect your product or service

These rights provide additional or alternative protection to design registration and might be worth looking into. NLO would be happy to assist you in your application process for these IP rights.

You can apply for patent protection of technical innovations (“inventions”) you have discovered during the development of a product or service. In essence, any invention, whether it concerns a major technical breakthrough or a small, unexpected improvement, qualifies for a patent as long as it meets the patentability criteria. Remember that design registration will not protect the technical elements of your product, but a patent will. To find out more, please visit our page on patent law. Our NLO patent attorneys are here to advise you on these types of matters.

If you have given your product or service a unique name, you will be able to trademark this name. NLO Shieldmark's trademark attorneys would be pleased to inform you of all the options available to you.