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IP services for trademarks

Design registration

A valid design right can only be obtained if your design is novel and can be categorised as having an ‘individual character’. In other words, your design cannot be public knowledge and must be sufficiently different from other products on the market.

Why register my design?

Registering your design protects the shape and appearance of your product. The main advantage of design registration over copyright is that it makes it easier to take action against competitors trying to counterfeit or emulate your product. NLO Shieldmark would be happy to advise you on design applications and register your design for you.

The different types of design registers

Each design must be registered in the country in which it requires protection. The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg all share the same design register. You also have the option of applying for design registration in all EU countries via one single application. Other countries, both within and outside Europe, have their own trademark register. In most cases, a registered design lasts for five years but can be renewed for a total of up to 25 years.

The most suitable avenue for protection of your design depends largely on your design and the countries you are trading in or wish to trade in.

All-in-one design registration

The authorities in the Benelux and Europe will not scrutinise the novelty and individual character of your design, but they will expect your design application to meet certain conditions. This is why we require:

  1. An illustration of your design, including all of its features. This illustration will be used to compare your design to a potentially infringing design in the event of a conflict.
  2. An overview of the design holder's data, which must be accurate. Registration under the name of a non-existing legal entity could lead to termination of the registration.

We charge a fixed fee for our design registration services. This includes all aspects of the design registration process, such as providing advice on the correct type of illustration, submitting the application, checking and submitting the proof of registration, and monitoring the expiry date of the design registration in our renewal database.


If you wish to register a design, we can draw up and submit your application for a design registration. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.