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Panoramic Landscape

Panoramic Landscape Search

A PANORAMIC landscape can be conducted upon request. This search will be tailor-made and can be as extensive as necessary. Basically, the sky is the limit. Just like a panoramic picture, this landscape can be as broad as you like.

What is a Panoramic landscape search?

An example of a PANORAMIC landscape would be an in-depth analysis of a technology. For instance, plotting several technological (sub)fields versus leading entities over time. This can be done based on technology classes, or manually, when a very detailed comparison is needed. The technologies can also be plotted against several applications (for example, a specific material used in aircrafts). This search will consult the broadest necessary data set and thoroughly limit the results according to your request.

In the PANORAMIC landscape search, we will distinguish several different fields and examine who is more active in subfields or specific applications, while in the topic analysis of a FOCUS landscape search we will focus on one technology or general concept.

Together with the search team and your patent advisor, you will identify the questions you want answered. If you are interested in a PANORAMIC landscape, your advisor will make an appropriate offer depending on the complexity of the search.

Focus landscape search: