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Strategic trademark advice

Strategic trademark advice

It is only natural that you will want to harness the full potential of your trademark portfolio, regardless of whether it is small or large. Every business is different and every market is different. This is why it is important that your brands and designs are registered and enforced in a way that reflects your wishes and needs. NLO Shieldmark would be happy to partner up with you in this regard to provide strategic advice.

Trademark strategy

Your trademark attorney will consult closely with you to help you build a solid and cost-efficient trademark portfolio. NLO Shieldmark will provide added value for your trademark portfolio in much the same way that your trademark portfolio provides added value for your company.

NLO Shieldmark will advise you for the entire lifespan of each of your registered trademarks. Our trademark attorneys do not just play a role in the creation and registration of new trademarks, they also formulate a clear strategy with respect to trademark monitoring and expansion.

The first step in developing a trademark strategy should involve mapping out your registered trademarks. Are you using words or logos to represent your brand that have not yet been registered? Have you developed a trademark that still needs to be registered? Your NLO Shieldmark expert will review the various, available options and help you come up with a clear strategy for your application. If you are planning to introduce new products or services to the market under an existing trademark, your trademark attorney will help determine whether your current portfolio is broad enough to capture your new products or services or whether additional trademark registrations will be required.

NLO Shieldmark advises clients in very diverse sectors, but traditionally we have a strong foothold among companies involved in innovation. The close ties between NLO patent attorneys and these innovative companies and their ensuing collaboration ensures we truly understand what drives these businesses and what their needs are. We manage a wide range of portfolios: from small portfolios containing just a few registered trademarks to global trademark portfolios. NLO Shieldmark has the required expertise to help in any situation, whether this entails a brainstorming session with an enthusiastic founder of a start-up or acting as a sounding board.

Trademark advice through education

NLO Shieldmark takes a proactive stance when it comes to implementing your trademark strategy. For instance, we regularly offer our clients on-site workshops about trademark registration and trademark protection. This ensures our clients are properly informed as to how they can best protect their trademarks with respect to suppliers, intermediaries and clients.

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our trademark attorneys.