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Trademark search

Trademark search

Before you register or use a trademark, you may want to check whether the trademark is available to prevent you from having to deal with an objection after you have filed the trademark or even used it for some time.

Availability search

Registering a suitable domain name and the certainty that other parties are not using your trademark may not be enough. Even if you have checked the trademark in the trademark registers, other parties may still object.

Using an availability search, the NLO Shieldmark experts investigate whether identical or similar trademarks have already been registered in the trademark registers. We offer two types of availability searches: a knock-out search and a full search.

  • In a knock-out search, we identify the most significant objections in order to give you an indication of the availability of a trademark. We will tell you quickly and at a low fee whether it would be worthwhile for you to continue investigating a certain trademark or whether you should consider alternatives.

  • In a full search, we not only look at the most obvious objections, but we also put together a full list of all potentially onerous trademarks.

User search

You want to use or register a trademark, but an identical or similar trademark already exists. In a user search, the NLO Shieldmark experts examine whether the existing trademark has been used actively over the past five years. If it has not, it may be revoked.

Invalidity action
If a trademark has not been used for more than five years, the trademark authority or the competent court can be requested to cancel the trademark registration.

We charge fixed fees for our searches. These fees are contingent on the number of classes of goods and services in respect of which the trademark must be examined and the countries that have to be included in the search.

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the NLO Shieldmark experts if you want to learn more about your options and our fees for an availability search or user search