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Fortify magazine

Fortify magazine

Once or twice a year, NLO publishes its magazine for business relations. Fortify focuses on the broad scope of Intellectual Property. Interviews, backgrounds and stories from practice are all provided in Fortify.

Content of Fortify 7 Fall/Winter 2018

  • Article about Standard Essential Patents and an interview with Amaryllis Verhoeven from the European Commission about SEPs
  • Interviews with People of NLO - celebrating NLO's 130th anniversary
  • Interview with ProDigest
  • Updates from the IP practice
  • Young Talent: Where are they now?
  • EPO opposition: Behind the statistics of EPO's Annual Report
Read Fortify 7 Fall/Winter here

Content of Fortify 6 Winter 2017/2018

  • Interview with Lokke Moerel, member of the Dutch Cyber Security Council, about innovations and their digital security
  • Interview: WIJ Special Media about claiming the exclusive trademark right to a common word
  • Young Talent: Propeaq. Optimise people's performance with light
  • A practical perspective on important changes in trademark law
  • How to prepare well and avoid pitfalls for oral proceedings
  • Guest column from Anouk Siegelaar of the Association of Dutch Designers 
Read Fortify 6 Winter 2017/2018 here

Content of Fortify 5 Winter 2017

  • Interview with Peter Hinssen about radical innovation for the day after tomorrow
  • Interview: IPStar about building the ultimate recycling machine for a sustainable world
  • Young Talent: GlobalYeast. Creating cleaner fuel with disruptive yeast strains
  • Protecting well-known trademarks without registration
  • Starting enforcement of patent rights
  • Guest column from Ann van Geysel of Biovox
Read Fortify 5 Winter 2017 here


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