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Freedom to operate search

Freedom to operate search

Are you infringing an in-force patent?
If you are working on a new product or production process, it is recommended that you duly verify whether you are not infringing any existing patents. A freedom to operate (FTO) search will limit your risk.

Your infringement of an in-force patent could mean that you might be forced to take your product off the market or close your production line. That, of course, would be a waste of money and effort.

All aspects under the microscope

In an FTO search, a team of experts puts all aspects of your product or production process under the microscope. We not only look at in-force patents, but also at pending patent applications.

Results of the infringement search

You will get a clear view of the patents and patent applications that you might be infringing. This will give you a proper understanding of the risks such as the risk of a court qualifying your product or production process as patent infringement. This is how you can make informed decisions on whether or not to continue the development of your new product or production process, and in what form.

What to do if you are infringing a patent

If the search reveals that you might be infringing an existing patent, you may:

  • Make technical adjustments to your product or production process
  • Enter into licensing negotiations with the patent holder
  • Attack the patent

We can assist you in all of these actions.

Any questions?

NLO can help in everything patent-related. Our experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have.