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Alternative trademark rights

Alternative trademark services

The services we provide are not limited to trademark searches and registration, we are also able to conduct a design audit for you or to provide assistance if changes need to be recorded in the system.

Design audit

What is your design and intellectual property portfolio worth? This is an important question to consider as the value of your intellectual property portfolio contributes to the value of your business as a whole. It is crucial when conducting a due diligence review during a merger or acquisition or when seeking to attract new investors. A design audit provides much-needed and essential information.

Why conduct a design audit?

A design audit is essential in determining the value of your designs and the present value of your company. For instance, during a merger or acquisition, a design audit would need to be conducted as part of the overall financial audit, generally referred to as a due diligence review. But regular design audits are necessary even when mergers and acquisitions are not on the agenda. These audits ensure your design portfolio is up-to-date and managed in the most efficient manner possible so as to maximise the added value for your business.

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our trademark and design attorneys.