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Trademark watch

Trademark watch

Once a trademark has been registered, it is very important to monitor and protect the use of that trademark. NLO Shieldmark has all the necessary knowledge and expertise to protect your trademark for you. Our trademark watch service ensures that you can take swift action to protect your trademark as soon as someone else applies to register a similar or identical trademark.

Trademark watch: monitoring and enforcing trademarks

No one likes to be taken by surprise by a competitor registering a trademark that is similar to yours. And yet, it may happen. Trademark authorities in the Benelux and the EU do not reject trademark applications on the basis of earlier trademark registrations. You do not have to keep an eye out yourself: we can monitor the new applications for you and give you advice on any steps to be taken. This will help you avoid unwelcome surprises.

Internet watch

You have a successful product or service. There is a good chance that others want to take advantage of your success. You can counter trademark infringement by registering your trademark, but to do so you do need to be able to find the infringement in the intangible digital world of social media websites, online shops and auction sites. That is why we, at NLO Shieldmark, pay special attention to online trademark watching. Our internet watch enables us to efficiently and effectively track down any online trademark infringements.

Customs watch

The Dutch customs authorities have the right to seize goods if they suspect that they infringe an intellectual property right. In such a situation, you are expected to respond within strict, short time limits. We have developed a customs watch that helps you navigate all the procedures and time limits.

With this service, we take the formalities of the customs procedures off your hands and try to limit the losses you suffer as a result of counterfeit goods as much as we can. In many cases, we track those goods down and destroy them even before they go to market.

Do you have any questions?

We offer customised solutions to everything related to trademark infringement. Please do not hesitate to select the expert who best suits your needs if you have any questions