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Strategic Design

Strategic design advice

Design registration is a means to an end; the end might be to ward off competition and generate licensing revenue. Every business is different and every market is different. That is why it is important to define a design strategy that reflects the needs and objectives of your company. NLO Shieldmark provides advice throughout the different stages of the design registration and design rights process.

Your design strategy

Our lawyers would be happy to advise you on the type of action you need to take from the moment you start developing your new product right up to the time that your product requires protection and enforcement.

We will need to review all of your designs to formulate an appropriate strategy. Are there several variations in your product’s design? Have you recently updated your product and will this update be covered by the existing design registration or will an additional design registration be required? In which countries does your design require protection and what are the most characteristic features requiring protection? These questions will help us determine how and where your design should be registered.

NLO Shieldmark advises clients in highly diverse sectors, but traditionally we have a strong foothold among companies engaging in innovation. The close ties between NLO patent attorneys and these innovative companies and their ensuing collaboration ensures we truly understand what drives these businesses and what their needs are. NLO Shieldmark has the required expertise to help in any situation, whether this entails a brainstorming session with an enthusiastic founder of a start-up or serving as a sounding board to an in-house counsel.

Advice through education

We can also assist you in implementing your design strategy. To illustrate: we regularly offer our clients on-site workshops about design registration and design protection. This ensures our clients are properly informed as to how they can best protect their designs.

Design-related services

NLO Shieldmark provides a number of different services to ensure the strategic protection of your design portfolio:

  • Design audit
  • Portfolio management
  • Infringement advice
  • Invalidity advice


If you require tailored advice with respect to your designs, please consult one of our lawyers who will provide thorough advice throughout all stages of your design protection process.